MobileReporter runs its 1st Arctic Sun-Powered Expedition

Fare foto e video nelle zone remote della Siberia oltre il circolo polare artico,  con temperature che scendono sotto i -20 a primavera inoltrata, rischia di essere un’impresa impossibile. Gli apparecchi elettronici si scaricano in pochi minuti. Unica soluzione: alimentare smartphone, fotocamere e caricalbatterie con l’energia solare. E’ questo il concetto del MobileReporter, ossia un […]

1st Sun-Powered Street View Photo-Shooting in the Arctic

MobileReporter travels to Yamal Peninsula, in SIberia, to implement one of the key projects of its Arctic Rounder initiative: taking 360° photos of Northern polar territories and connect them into immersive panoramic tours. Every Google Maps user can then walk along these virtual trails to feel closer to the World most remote and fragile regions,  rarely visited and poorly known by most people. 

ArctiCycle: Climate Storytelling from the Arctic

MobileReporter launches ArctiRounder, a new project which has the mission to improve public communication on what is really going on in the Arctic, in order to draw attention on the need to preserve both the pristine dimension and the unique value for human discoveries in the polar regions Arctic Rounder consists of a number of carefully […]

Scientists plan to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and with temperatures near the North Pole hitting an unheard-of 20°C (36°F) warmer than average last year, things in the Arctic are undeniably grim right now. But rather than sit by and watch as the sea ice disappears from the region at an unprecedented rate, scientists have hatched a crazy plan to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic, by installing some 10 million wind-powered pumps over the ice cap to spray sea water over the surface and replenish the sea ice